NCERT English Medium Books

NCERT books important for All Civil Services Preparation. Here you can download free NCERT English Medium PDF Books.


ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
11AccountingFinancial Accounting – IDownload
11AccountingAcoountacy – IIDownload
12AccountingAccountacy – IDownload
12AccountingAcoountacy – IIDownload


ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
11BiologyExemplar ProblemsDownload

Business Studies

ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
11Business StudiesBusiness StudiesDownload
12Business StudiesBusiness Studies – IDownload
12Business StudiesBusiness Studies – IIDownload


ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
11ChemistryChemistry Part – I Download
11ChemistryChemistry Part – II Download
12ChemistryChemistry – I Download
12ChemistryChemistry – II Download


ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
6CivicsSocial and Political Life Download
7CivicsSocial and Political Life Download
8CivicsSocial and Political Life Download
9CivicsDemocratic Poloitics Download
10CivicsDemocratic Politics Download

Computer and Communication Technology

ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
11Computer & Communication TechnologyCCT Part – I Download
11Computer & Communication TechnologyCCT Part – II Download


ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
9EconomicsEconomics Download
10EconomicsUnderstanding Economic Development Download
11EconomicsIndia Economic Development Download
12EconomicsIntroductory Microeconomics Download
12EconomicsIntroductory Macroeconomics Download


ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
5EnglishMarigold Download
6EnglishHoneysuckle Download
6EnglishA Pact With the Sun Download
7EnglishHoneycomb Download
7EnglishAn alien Hand supplementary Reader Download
8EnglishHoneydew Download
8EnglishIf So Happened Download
9EnglishBeehive English TextBook Download
9EnglishMoments Supplementary Reader Download
10EnglishFirst Flight Download
10EnglishFoot Prints Withour Feet(Supp. Reader) Download
11EnglishWoven Words Download
11EnglishHornbill Download
11EnglishSnapshots Suppl. Redear English Download
12EnglishKaliedoscope Download
12EnglishFlamingo Download
12EnglishVistas Download


ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
7EnvironmentOur Environment Download


ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
6GeographyThe Earth Our Habitat Download
9GeographyContemporary India Download
10GeographyContemporary India Download
11GeographyFundamental of Physical Geography Download
11GeographyPractical Work In Geography Download
11GeographyIndia Physical Environment Download
12GeographyFundamentals Of Human Geography Download
12GeographyPractical Work In Geography – II Download
12GeographyIndia-People and Economy Download
8GeographyResource And Development Download

Graphic Design

ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
11Graphic DesignThe story of Graphic Design Download

Heritage Crafts

ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
11Heritage CraftsLiving Craft Traditions of India Download


ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
6HistoryHistory – Our Past Life Download
7HistoryOur Past – II Download
8HistoryOur Pasts – III Download
8HistoryOur Pasts – III Download
9HistoryIndia and the Contemporary World-I Download
10HistoryIndia and the Contemporary World-II Download
11HistoryThemes in World History Download
12HistoryThemes in Indian History – I Download
12HistoryThemes in Indian History – II Download
12HistoryThemes in Indian History – III Download


ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
5MathsMath-Magic Download
6MathsMathematics Download
7MathsMathematics Download
8MathsMathematics Download
9MathsMathematics Download
9MathsExemplar Problems Download
10MathsMathematics Download
10MathsExemplar Problems Download
11MathsMathematics Download
11MathsExemplar Problems Download
12MathsMathematics – I Download
12MathsMathematics – II Download


ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
11PhysicsPhysics Part – I Download
11PhysicsPhysics Part – II Download
11PhysicsExemplar Problems Download
12PhysicsPhysics Part – I Download
12PhysicsPhysics Part – II Download

Political Science

ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
11Political SciencePolitical Theory Download
11Political ScienceIndia Constitution at Work Download
12Political ScienceContemporary World Politics Download
12Political SciencePolitical Science Download


ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
12PsychologyPsychology Download
11PsychologyIntroduction to Psychology Download


ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
5ScienceLooking Around Download
6ScienceScience Download
7ScienceScience Download
8ScienceScience Download
9ScienceScience Download
9ScienceExemplar Problems Download
10ScienceScience Download
10ScienceExemplar Problems Download


ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
11SociologyIntroducing Sociology Download
11SociologyUnderstanding Society Download
12SociologyIndian Society Download
12SociologySocial Change and Development in India Download


ClassSubjectBook NameDownload Link
11StatisticsStatistics for Economics Download

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